No More Excuses- This is Your Year!!

Another year has come and gone and you said, “2011 is my year to get this body in shape.” You started out so well with those early morning jobs and faithful gym visits. You even changed your eating habits. You were so proud! What happened? Why did you stop? Are material things more important than the temple God has blessed you with? No matter what the world thinks, this does not have to be another failed New Year resolution. You don’t have to let your dreams for that perfect body go to waste. You can do it!

If it makes you feel any better; thousands of others have followed in your footsteps. They too started a fitness plan last year that fell short. What makes you different is your determination to really see your fitness goals through.

You can refocus and begin again TODAY! Start with a simple exercise program. Just pick one exercise and stick with it. Doing sit-ups everyday would be a good place to start. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your body will respond. There is an ancient proverb that says, “A man should not be judged by the amount of times he falls, but by the amount of times he arises.” 2012 is your year, there is no excuse!


1. Choose one simple exercise and be consistent.
2. It’s more fun if you have an exercise partner.
3. Hire a personal trainer and pay in advance. Most people hate to lose money.
4. Participate in group fitness classes. Group fitness classes can be “contagious”.
5. If possible, exercise in the morning to avoid being side tracked.
6. Don’t procrastinate, start some type of physical activity today.
7. Eat 4-6 small portion meals to increase and energize your metabolism.
8. Start a stretching program to increase your flexibility. You will feel better!
9. Get at least 8 hours of sleep nightly. This will keep your body rejuvenated.
10. Consider taking a walk on your lunch break. This also, will relieve some stress.

Charles “Chizel It” Harris
AFAA Certified Fitness Trainer

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