Great Things!

Great Things!
Have you ever wondered what it would be like being known for doing something great?  Maybe not the next Martin Luther King Jr. or Mother Teresa, but what can you do that is great?
In Genesis 1:16 during the time of creation God made two great lights.  One of these lights would rule the day (the sun) and the lesser would rule the night (the moon).   Yes the sun is bigger, brighter, and hotter but this does not take away from the moon’s greatness.
Whether you have “sun” greatness or “moon” greatness it is your time to be great.  Today we are seeing greatness in a football star Tim Tebow.  His greatness is not because he throws the most touchdowns or is the best quarterback.  The greatness we see in Tim Tebow is a man that uses his platform as an athlete to give God glory.  He is no Tom Brady yet, but in kneeling before God and the world as a humble professional he has stepped into his greatness.
Today amateur and professional athletes around this world are now “Tebowing.”  They are giving reverence to God for who God is to them.  This is GREAT!  In a time when so many negative things are going on in the world it is good to see greatness in action.
At times, the great things you do may seem small but to others it is wonderful.   Greatness is not only that which is large in size or dimensions but it is also that which is notable, wonderful and first rate.
The truth is that we all have greatness within us.  Maybe you will be the next leader of the free world or volunteer for habitat for humanity.  Greatness is greatness!  It is your turn to be Great!  Work with youth groups, be an example, go the extra mile.  Be a friend to someone who is alone.  Love someone who feels loveless and unworthy.  You can be great in what you doing now if you are giving God glory while doing it.

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