Financial Deliverance “Coming Out To Stay Out”

Our God is a Deliver. He takes no pleasure in His children being in bondage of any kind. God created man to live in freedom so he may fulfill his God-ordained purpose on the earth. Financial debt is a form of spiritual, emotional, financial, and even marital bondage. When debt grips your finances, it squeezes or chokes the very life out of living. You need finances to enjoy your life—that is why your bills are called living expenses. A lack of money will limit your choices in life. That is the essence of financial freedom, to afford you the choices and privileges you deserve as a child of God.

To accept financial debt and lack as a way of life is not God’s will for the believer. When you’re in debt, you are robbing yourself and your family of having the best God has to offer. The scripture says, “…who gives us richly all things to enjoy.” (I Timothy 6:17) If God wants us to enjoy what He has provided for us, He knows that is not possible when we are in financial bondage. When your family is in financial debt, the money that is supposed to bless you is already obligated to creditors. So, therefore, you are robbed of the pleasure of receiving because what could have been used to bless you or someone else is gone.

I am writing this article to tell someone that God is a financial deliver. The same God, who delivers us from sin, iniquity, addictions, habits, and people, can and will deliver you financially. Several years ago, when I was drowning in personal, family, and ministry debt and was facing bankruptcy, I called on God for financial deliverance—and He heard me. Before David was King of Israel, he was not wealthy. In fact, he was a fugitive on the run and struggling to survive from day to day. This was a very difficult time for David financially, not only for him but also for the men in his army. The scripture says that everyone that came to David was in distress, in debt, and in discontentment. You see, when you are in debt, you need to know first to whom to turn. Even though David was in the cave with them, they all knew that they were COMING OUT TO STAY if they followed David to the throne of Israel. Kings are not poor, and you need to know that according to Revelation 1:6, you and I have been made Kings and Priests unto God. The scripture says, “. . . He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the beggar from the ash heap, to set them among princes and make them inherit the throne of glory.” (I Samuel 2:8) Sometimes, we will go through some temporary discomfort financially to position us for permanent comfort financially. When these men came to David, they were positioning themselves to be delivered financially.

David is a picture-type of CHRIST, THE ANOINTED ONE. Christ the Lord is actually called in scripture the Son of David. In essence, they were coming to their Deliver for help. Their association with David was going to change their debt condition forever. They were coming out to stay out. These men eventually became mighty men and millionaires and were the biggest money givers in the Kingdom of Israel when David was preparing the Temple of God to be built by Solomon (I Chronicles 29:6-9). These men saw God take their lives from debt, distress, and discontentment to financial and economic stability and abundance.

You see I am a witness that God delivers you financially and that you can come out to stay. When he delivered my family and me of financial debt and stress, we have never been back. I believe this testimony is only true because God delivered us financially. Remember it was David who said, “This poor man cried out, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.” (Psalm 34:6) There are many troubles associated with financial lack and debt: bad health, stress, heart failure, divorce, foreclosures, broken relationships, business failures, lack of church growth, etc. But, as David said, “God can deliver us from them all.” Here are some pointers to learn from this story that will position you for financial deliverance:

1) Cry out to God for finances like you do for anything else you need. But, remember to listen and follow His instructions.

2) God delivers through association: Find someone who is anointed financially and connect with the anointing.

3) Learn to submit to authority: There are authorities that God will place in your life to discipline and instruct you for your next level financially. Hint: They may not be your preacher. These people cannot be broke themselves, but will have a proven track record of financial success.

4) Be willing to fight for your financial freedom: David and his men fought many battles to obtain the spoils they needed to establish themselves as Kings and Leaders over Israel. One of the criteria of a King was that he had to have wealth. Don’t be afraid to fight for your financial success.

Every week, you are reading about how someone went from rags to riches, from homelessness to wealth and prominence, business failures to business successes. If God can deliver them, why can’t He deliver you? Say right now while you’re reading this, “It is my time for financial deliverance.” Say it again a little louder, “It is my time for financial deliverance.” Now, say it because God hears you and is ready to deliver those who cry out to Him for help. Come on, “It’s my time for financial deliverance, and this time I’m coming out to stay out.”


  1. Thanks for the message. Financially I am hurting. I owe a loan-shark. Please send any prayers,scriptures that would help me defeat this giant. I cried when I read your article. I know there is a GOD who cares and will lead me to continue to believe. Please pray for me .GOD bles you for posting your message.

  2. Thanks for the message. Financially I am hurting. I owe a loan-shark. Please send any prayers,scriptures that would help me defeat this giant. I cried when I read your article. I know there is a GOD who cares and will lead me to continue to believe. Please pray for me .GOD bles you for posting your message.


  3. I realy need help financialy,my family is in big mess,I trust in God that one day I will recieve favour and breakthrough,my only worry is this:WHEN WILL THAT DAY COME?WHO will God use to bless me?my relatives who are capable to help me refused to do so,someone over there pls help me out,pray for me and my family.GOD help

  4. please pray for me to get financial breakthru,that God should touch some one heart to help me financially.if i hold money i misuses it .pray for deliverance for me.God bless you ministry

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