Don’t Be Afraid to Close the Door

I have a question for you, “Do you think that God reveals a path for us, by closing doors?” Imagine this you are traveling in one direction, but there is another possible direction in which you don’t believe is necessarily the most feasible, however, because of situations that have arisen you are detoured from your existing path to this road. At what point would you say that all kinds of difficulties on path A are signs that God is closing doors there, and that you should open your mind and heart to path B ( the Will of God)? Or will you always assume that difficulties are trials for your personal development and stay on that path? At what point are you interfering with the Will of God?

Choosing your own path is a sacred privilege given to us by God under His almighty direction, the best thing we can do is accept the world the way it is. There is a reason why God created it the way he did. Don’t be afraid to close one door because I guarantee you ten more will open. Follow your God chosen path. I guess the bigger question is how do you determine what your God given path is?

Every year that comes, it is our duty to re-evaluate our plans, priorities and purpose. To help us understand what the Lord desires for each of us, we need to refresh and renew our minds with God’s plan. Do not have anything to do with godless myths and fables of old women. Instead, train yourself to be godly. 1Timothy 4:7 International Standard Version Paul explains to us that we are to discipline our ways in the direction of godliness. So why do we question events and situations that happen in our lives? I know I am not the only one who has been afraid to close a door because of the uncertainty of what is in store for my life. So how do we remove the fear of what is behind door number two? We must discipline ourselves to the word of God and have faith the size of a mustard seed. It is then that we stop being a blessing blocker and become a blessing receiver.

What does God want from my life? …A question that many of us struggle with on a daily basis. The answers lie in the Word of God (THE BIBLE), the scriptures reveal the keys that can help us to grow. No matter what doors or situations are closed in our lives God always prepares other paths to nurture our needs not necessarily our wants. Now is the time that we close our minds to the consistency of life and open our Hearts and Minds to God’s Will for His children. When life’s doors close don’t fret. Wait to see what MIRACULOUS ADVENTURE He has waiting for us.

Until next time . . .

Stay Focused, Stay Strong, Experience Life at its fullest but most of all, Stay In Love with God.

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