Gregory A. and Tonya J. Dennis

Gregory A. and Tonya J. Dennis

. . . are motivational speakers and are committed to serving as positive role models for youth.    In 2008, Tonya ventured out to focus on teen girls and piloted a program for Maryland high schools ~ Pearls of Success ™. Gregory assists his parents, Bishop Ralph L. and Elder Deborah S. Dennis by serving as the Executive Pastor of Kingdom Worship Center in Towson, Maryland.  He is also an Overseer in Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries and was recently appointed as Bishop-designate over Youth and Young Adult Ministries.  They both develop and train by creating advanced opportunities for youth and adults alike.

Tonya is a native New Yorker who loves shopping and the New York Giants.  She is a graduate of Morgan State University and former elementary school teacher.  Gregory is a religious studies major at the college of Notre Dame and is a true Baltimore Raven’s fan.

They strive to become an inspiring success story for young men and women.  They desire to be an example to other married couples when it relates to love, commitment, friendship and just plain fun.  They together enjoy teaching and challenging believers in their growth.


  1. This Bio is true but needs updating, the ”
    Passing of the Baton” article published in June 2013, was manifested in Sept 2013.

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